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About Us

Experience the Great Outdoors

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in Glamour Property Management. Where we aim to give once in a lifetime and unforgettable experiences.

Glamour Property Management was created by Mergenie Jean and Natalia Blonzac in 2021. These two friends always shared a mutual love of travel, culture, and luxury. One day they were discussing their plans for their next vacation and thought about how wonderful it would be to have one of those luxurious vacation spots within a few hours from their homes. Soon after they hatched their plan to bring a luxury camping experience to the central Florida area. Together they have created a dream space where families, friends, couples, and groups can detach from their everyday busy lives, and just enjoy nature.

The world has been in a really hectic phase for going on two years now. The pandemic has made us all focus on the things that matter to us most and treasure those that are closest to us even more. We wanted to create a location for groups to enjoy each other and the outdoors simultaneously and get away from the large crowds normally expected at most vacation spots.

Welcome to Glamour Property Management, come make a new memory with every sunset. We hope that you’ll enjoy your stay!


Mergenie and Natalia

Glamour Property Management

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